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Proactive Performance is sports & exercise podiatry with a difference. Founded by Principal Podiatrist Kyle Dedini. Our aim is to bridge the gap between science and practical application from injury and return patients to performance. The goal of Proactive Performance is to educate people on taking a proactive approach to their health and empowering people to be “performance ready”. 

With an onsite gymnasium, synthetic grass track, objective testing technology, orthotic manufacturing laboratory, architecturally designed clinical spaces and environmentally sustainable practices will allow sports and exercise podiatry services to be provided to the highest level. Our process involves the latest evidenced based techniques and technical scientific knowledge to prescribe the highest quality treatment plans for you. We have a special interest and focus in sports and exercise podiatry, strength and conditioning, injury and rehabilitation, gait analysis, musculoskeletal and biomechanical podiatry, orthotic therapy and manufacturing. 

Our practioners are caring, empathetic and patient centred, and are some of the most experienced clinicians in Canberra. Our key point of difference is that the podiatrists at Proactive Performance are some of the most qualified podiatrists and practioners in Canberra which allows the highest possible quality of service and skills. The vision of Proactive Performance is to provide first-class professional services that are normally only available to professional and elite sporting organisations and bring them to the people of Canberra and the wider community. 

We are located in Garran. 

Our mission

To provide first-class sports & exercise podiatry services and education to the Canberra community with a primary focus on patient satisfaction in state-of-the-art facilities that are constantly progressive in their design and development. Our brand Proactive Performance aims to provide a pathway to empower patients to understand and to take a prepared approach to their health and lifestyle. 

Our purpose is to ensure we can create methods and strategies to provide a prompt and successful pathway for patients to not only return to activity, but also to achieve their physical goals and targets. We will help all patients who are restricted by pain or injury which is preventing them from participating in their ideal lifestyle perform at their physical best. 

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Sports & Exercise Podiatry

Utilising tailored exercise prescription and custom rehabilitation programs in conjunction with footwear advice/prescription. Musculoskeletal assessment, Biomechanical and gait analysis forms part of this service.

Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal Assessment with Visual and Computerised Gait Analysis

Our Biomechanical & Musculoskeletal assessment is a comprehensive look at your condition and or concerns through a process of:

  • Our musculoskeletal assessment starts with analysing your training/injury history (mechanism and presentation) as this provides a baseline for your management. Your goals and targets will be determined as a standard for your long-term strategy.
  • We analyse your current lifestyle and training taking into account (if applicable) internal and external loads; sleep, environment, training effort, recovery methods and stress balance
  • A biomechanical assessment then follows (clinical examination of strength, lower limb, foot & ankle function and gait analysis – further investigations like x-rays, ultrasounds, MRI etc. may be referred for if needed) and assessment and prescription of footwear. We provide both visual and computerised gait analysis from our experienced podiatrists to help form part of your assessment and management. The way you walk and run can influence your symptoms and performance day to day.
  • A plan will be developed with respect to your current lifestyle, goals and targets. We will provide education and set criteria for your pathway to return to performance.

Tailored Strength, Rehabilitation, Conditioning and Exercise Programs

Full scope of injury rehabilitation services targeted to the lower leg, foot and ankle. All programs are customised to the individual with one-on-one coaching and benchmark testing to ensure your targets are reached. 

Footwear Analysis and Prescription

We provide footwear advice and assessment on your existing shoes, but also part of your musculoskeletal, biomechanical and gait analysis we can help find the shoes that fit you and your activity. Our expert podiatrists have years of experience and training with footwear and research and development with many leading footwear companies.

Performance Objective Testing

Performance tracking technology to test that interventions such as exercise programs, lifestyle/load modifications and rehabilitation plans are progressing. We like to take the guess work out and give you real numbered results.

Children's Sports Podiatry

We have a special focus in lower limb, foot and ankle development in children. As children are growing athletes there are many factors that may limit their participation in physical activity. We align our clinical values with Sport Australia who have identified the physical, psychological, social and cognitive skills that children can work on to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours to lead active lives.

  • Physical – The Physical domain focuses on the skills and fitness a person acquires and applies through movement.
  • Psychological – The attitudes and emotions a person has towards movement and the impact they have on their confidence and motivation to move.
  • Social – A person’s interaction with others in relation to movement.
  • Cognitive – A person’s understanding of how, why and when they move.
  • Our Principal Podiatrist Patrick Doan has a wealth of experience working with junior athletes having spent time in the Canberra Raiders Junior Representative Program and the Brumbies Rugby Junior Academy Pathways Program. We aim to collaborate as a team with parents and their children to best manage pain and improve function to return them back to their peak performance.

Orthotic Therapy

We provide orthotic therapy that can either be manufactured in-house or sourced from laboratories around Australia or internationally based on what you need. We are not limited to just one laboratory! We can provide custom and pre-fabricated or semi-custom orthotics that can be hand pressed, 3D printed, milled or traditionally poured. Cycling carbon orthotics are also prescribed post lower limb cycling assessment. Proactive Performance can manufacture all thicknesses and densities for orthotics and also provide the full access to all orthotic materials that suits your needs.

Acute & Chronic Injury Rehabilitation

Some common acute and chronic foot and ankle conditions we see, treat and manage:

  • Plantar Fascia injuries (fasciitis, fasciopathy, fasciocis, fascial tears)
  • Achilles Tendon injuries (tendonitis, tendinopathy, tendinosis)
  • Bone injuries (fractures, stress reactions)
  • Shin pain (medial tibial stress syndrome, periostitis etc.)
  • Forefoot pain (plantar plate conditions, neuromas, bursitis, capsulitis)
  • Arthritis (osteoarthritis of foot and ankle joints)
  • Tendon injuries (tibialis posterior, peroneals)
  • Calf pain (tendinous junction pain, strains and pulls)


Before and after your surgery we will work with your foot and ankle surgeon to optimise post operative outcomes. We will benchmark and test your strength, range of motion and functional capacity to set a plan in motion to return stronger after surgery. Post-surgery we will have graded plans that are tailored to you for return to what you love doing.

Sports Team Screenings

We provide screenings for teams wishing to maximise performance and to mitigate injury risk to foot, ankle and lower limbs. We provide checkpoints (preseason, mid-preseason, end of preseason and in-season) for movement, footwear, musculoskeletal analysis and how athletes are progressing. Monitoring footwear and lower limb function is important to minimise injury and to optimise performance outcomes. Our objective testing technology can also provide insights to current foot/ankle muscle capacity and how they tolerate loads over the course of a season. 

Cloud Integrations for Exercise Programs

Proactive Performance provides access to cloud-based technology for you to access prescribed programs for strength, rehabilitation and conditioning. We are not limited in software choices, so we select the program server that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Our app platforms can also be delivered via Android, iOS, MacOS and Windows.

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Located inside Garran Medical Centre Suite 12, 2 Garran Place, Garran,
ACT, 2605
Phone: 02 6147 5738

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