As part of providing you with the best rehabilitation, our Sports & Exercise podiatrists at Proactive Performance are also qualified Strength & Conditioning Coaches, accredited with the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA).

Strength and Conditioning Accreditation

The Strength and Conditioning Coach accreditation is a program that teaches coaches how to get people stronger and more conditioned to a specific activity in the fastest and safest way possible. The accreditation is a detailed process with lectures, written and practical examinations and experience training under a qualified coach, to ensure those with the qualification are trained, experienced, and can be trusted.

While this skillset is mostly taken advantage of in sport teams to get their players fitter and faster, it’s a huge benefit to anyone who has an injury, as recovering from an injury is the process of getting stronger and more conditioned so you can safely return to your chosen activity in the fastest way possible!

These extra qualifications mean we’re qualified to offer a full rehabilitation service and achieve better than any other podiatry clinic in Canberra, as rather than just using traditional treatments (e.g. orthotics, manual therapy and shockwave), our podiatrists are experts in providing a full rehabilitation approach, including footwear prescription, fully customised orthotics, load management and strength and conditioning programming and coaching.

What does Podiatry S&C look like?

We find our patients love our different approach, as our exercise programs are designed from the ground up to get them back to their activity faster, contain only the exercises they need (no extra fluff!) and our Podiatrists can expertly coach and explain exactly how each exercise and program will help them recover!

It’s also not limited to ‘fit’ people. The principles and processes are the same and completely scalable to the individual. So, whether you want to return to a bit of recreational running, a spot of weekend gardening, pick up the pace a bit on your evening walks, or play in the John Dent Cup, the only thing you need to get the benefit is the desire to get stronger!

Our Practitioners

Patrick is a Level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach as well as a PCAS Professional Coach. Alex is a Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach and currently working towards his level 2 accreditation. Both of their qualifications are accredited by The Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) who are an incorporated non-profit organisation and is the peak national body for strength and conditioning (S&C) professionals in Australia. As the peak industry body, the ASCA aims to ensure and enhance quality-assured S&C coaches. To achieve accreditation there is a mix of theory and practical experience in professional settings. This is our point of difference where our podiatrists are not just skilled in the clinic room but also out in the field.

The ASCA provides coaching programs for all levels of coaches – these programs are registered with the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS), which is administered by Sport Australia (SportAus). ASCA Accreditation identifies individuals who possess the knowledge and skill to design, implement and review safe and effective S&C training programs. In addition to this the ASCA provides high-level professional support, development and research opportunities while continuing to enhance education for S&C Coaches.

Accreditation as a Strength and Conditioning Coach is achieved through a combination of coursework and specific training and competencies. The National Coach Accreditation Scheme, administered by Sport Australia, endorse course programs offered by the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA) as the foundation of the education pathways and include Levels 1-3. Each level of accreditation involves training requirements in areas of coaching competence, foundation scientific knowledge, relevant coaching experience, and anti-doping education.

  • Level 1 Community/Club Level Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Level 2 State/National Level Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Level 3 Elite/International Level strength and Conditioning Coach

The ASCA Professional Coach Accreditation Scheme (PCAS) is the industry’s recognised coach program. There is a need for the ASCA PCAS, as ASCA accreditation (through Sport Australia requirements) recognises coursework and competencies. The ASCA PCAS acknowledge specific industry experience, demonstrable successful achievements within the profession, mentee and mentorship participation, identified professional skill sets and requires training and declarations in regard to anti-corruption and anti-doping.

As such, the ASCA PCAS serves as the Industry’s quality assurance program. Most Australian employers require strength and conditioning staff to be a member of the PCAS as part of best-practise models.

Our strength and conditioning background allow us to enhance your injury and rehabilitation outcomes better than any other podiatry clinic in Canberra. Rather than just using traditional treatments (e.g. orthotics, manual therapy and shockwave), our podiatrists are experts in provided a whole system approach to include footwear prescription, fully customised orthotics, load management and periodisation, strength and conditioning programming and coaching, the latest validated objective testing technology and highest qualified practioners in Canberra.

As additional services offered for our Sports & Exercise Podiatry consultations, our supplement skills in Strength and Conditioning also provide:

  • Work with a variety of ages from youth to veterans in accordance with ASCA position stands and guidelines.
  • Screen athletes to identify potential risks for injury and limitations to performance.
  • Identify and provide activity to address general wellness issues in athletes, such as posture and breathing.
  • Design periodised and integrated athletic development programs in conjunction with a support team, head coach etc. to achieve individual and team goals using a range of methods: resistance training, conditioning / energy systems training, speed and agility drills (including basic technical running advice) and flexibility, mobility, warm up and warm down programs in a variety of settings.
  • Have the knowledge to develop a range of physical testing protocols including for various types of movement, flexibility, speed, endurance, strength and power.
  • Monitor and assess progress through physical testing, wellness monitoring and through the use of available athlete monitoring systems (e.g. Heart Rate and its variability, Global Positioning Systems, performance testing, etc.)
  • Provide general information on basic physiological recovery modalities.
  • Work in conjunction with Sport Coach’s to develop and review Athlete Performance Plans and their roles and accountabilities within these plans.

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